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Type Colour MFP
Controller Type  e-BRIDGE Next Open Platform System
Control Panel 10.1"  Customisable UI Style Multi-Touch Colour Display
Print & Copy Speed (A4) 45ppm
Maximum scanning speed (A4) 73 ppm (Reversing Auto Document Feeder)  /  240 ppm (Dual Scan Document Feeder with/without double feed detection)
Copy Resolution 600dpi x 600dpi
Scan Resolution Up to 600dpi x 600dpi 
Print Resolution 600dpi x 600dpi , 1,200dpi x 1,200dpi                                    Maximum : 3,600dpi x 1,200dpi equivalent  ( PostScript only )
Paper Capacity Standard : 1,200 sheets ( 80g/m2 )
Maximum : 5,200 sheets  ( 80g/m2 )
Inner Output Tray Capacity Approx. 400 sheets ( 80g/m2 )
Memory  Standard with Maximum : 4GB RAM
Storage : 128GB Self-encrypting SSD (Standard)  /
128GB Self-encrypting SSD (Standard) + 320GB FIPS140-2 HDD (Optional)  /
128GB Self-encrypting SSD (Standard) + 512GB Self-encrypting SSD (Optional)

Dual ethernet ports  : 10/100/1000Base-T

*2nd ethernet interface is an optional unit

Standard. : Single high speed 2.0 USB port , Optional : Additional two high speed 2.0 USB ports
Optional : Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Direct
Fax Line Optional :  Max. 2 lines                                                        (only single ethernet port available when dual lines fax being installed )  
Fax Memory 1GB ( Transmission / Reception )
Security Technologies Trusted Platform Module 2.0 , Anti-malware, Secure SSD / HDD etc.
Mobile Solutions AirPrint / Mopria / e-BRIDGE Print & Capture
Cloud Solutions e-BRIDGE Plus for Box / Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive / Universal Print
Workflow Solutions e-BRIDGE Plus for USB Storage / Green Information / ID Card / Barcode Scan / WebDAV
Remote Service e-BRIDGE Remote Assistant
Dimension 585mm(W) x 586mm(D) x 787mm(H)                                      (without any options included) 
Weight Approx.78kg

FIPS 140-2 validated 320GB HDD GE-1260
Self-encrypting 512GB SSD GE-1280
Document Feeder  Unit MR-3033 (Reversing Auto Document Feeder)  /  MR-4010 (Dual Scan Document Feeder)  / MR-4020 (Dual Scan Document Feeder with double feed detection)
Original Cover KA-5005PC
Paper Feed Pedestal / Drawer Module / Large Capacity Feeder KD-1072 (Paper Feed Pedestal ) / MY-1052 (Drawer Module) / MY-1053 (Envelope Drawer) / KD-1073A4 (Large Capacity Feeder) / MP-2002A (External Large Capacity Feeder)                                   
Finisher MJ-1113 (Finisher) / MJ-1114 (Saddle Stitch Finisher)
Bridge Kit for Finisher KN-5005
Inner Finisher MJ-1048
Staple for Finisher STAPLE-3100 for MJ-1114 (Saddle Stitch Finisher) /  STAPLE-3900 (65 sheets) for MJ-1113 / MJ-1114 Finisher) / STAPLE-2400 (50 sheets) for MJ-1048 Finisher
Hole Punch Unit for Inner Finisher MJ-6011N/E/F (N/E/F Hole Punch Unit)
Hole Punch Unit MJ-6107N/E/F (N/E/F Hole Punch Unit)
Job Separator MJ-5015
Fax Unit GD-1370EU (1st / 2nd Line Fax Unit)
Work Tray KK-5005
Accessary Tray GR-1330
Accessible Arm KK-2560
Card Reader Unit GS-9040
Panel Ten Key GR-1340
USB Hub GR-1420
2nd NIC Holder GR-1430
2nd NIC Interface UE300
Wireless LAN / Bluetooth Module GN-4030-A3
Harness kit for coin controller GQ-1280-N
IP Sec Enabler GP-1080
Hardcopy Security Kit GP-1190A
Unicode Font Enabler GS-1007
Meta Scan Enabler GS-1010
Multi Station Print GS-1090
IP Fax Enabler GS-1100